UP Timetable

UP Timetable

UP Timetable,



  1. 2018 Undergraduate timetable for the School of Engineering
  2. Nov-Dec Exam Timetable
2018 4th-YEAR EXAM TIMETABLE (Uploaded on 2018-08-15)
CPR420 2 hours 15:00 Wed 29th Aug 2018 Eng III 2 & Eng III 5
CPS420 2 hours 16:30 Thu 30th Aug 2018 Eng III 4 & Eng II 5
CSS420 3 hours 14:00 Fri 31st Aug 2018 Eng III 4 & Eng III 5

Finalists qualify to apply to write a special exam when:
They have a maximum of 2 modules (excluding CSC or CPJ) outstanding  before they can graduate
Must have had exam entrance for the modules for which they apply.
Apply for a special exam with Admin, Level 6 Eng I. (Mr Makhasa)
Inform the relevant lecturer that you have applied for a special exam & find out about the required preparations.
The dates, times & venue for the special exams will be indicated below: (To be uploaded in due course)
NB: Please take note that the timetables published here are the same as those published on the UP main page, which is the official source. Any discrepancies should be reported to pdv@up.ac.za without delay.


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