NWU Residence Application

NWU Residence Application

NWU Residence Application,

Vaal Triangle Campus – Residence portal Application and Rules & Regulations for Residences

How to apply for student accommodation
• Obtain a residence application form from the Residence Administration Office and submit the form on or before the dates supplied by the Residence Administration Office.
• Residence admission, depending on the availability of space, is only possible upon successful academic acceptance as set out in the placement procedure.
• Successful applicants will be notified and late applications will be placed on a waiting list.
• Students must apply yearly for residence accommodation.


All students – prospective and current students need to apply annually at the Residence Administration Office, Building 14K Room no. G01 & G04 yearly.  An administration fee of R700.00 (non-refundable) for prospective students must be paid.
Prospective students must have been informed by the Academic Administration Department that they are accepted and a student number (i.e. 12815691) must be issued.
Please note: First time applications for Post Graduate and Senior students need to pay a R380-00 application fee. If you are currently residing in a residence there is NO application fee to be paid. 

Closing Dates:

First year applicants and Postgraduate students – 30 September 2018 (Applications will only open on 1 May 2018)
Senior students – 13 August 2018
Post Graduate & Master Students – 30 September 2018
Forms can also be downloaded (PDF format)

E-mail addresses for residence inquiries and applications only

All campus residences/Bohlale Village & Phase 2 – Mrs Venter – VC-resappl1@nwu.ac.za
Rules and Regulation Booklet – June 2016 (PDF Format
Rules and Regulation Booklet – reviewed version