UWC Engineering

UWC Engineering, Infrastructure and Engineering provides and maintains the general physical infrastructure and associated services as needed by the University to deliver on its mandate, with focus on efficiency, economy and sustainability.

 Telephone: 021 959 2170 / e-mail: jramchander@uwc.ac.za​

Peter Arendse: Maintenance Manager

Ensuring that maintenance requests are executed • approving the appointment of contractors • compiling annual maintenance budgets • writing reports • co-ordinating building audits, maintenance and tender processes • drafting specifications • providing an after hours standby and callout service • promoting health & safety.
Contact: 021 9592657parendse@uwc.ac.za

Warren Coetzee: Technical Services

Electronic Security Systems

The department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all electronic systems, including alarms, access control, and CCTV.

Contact: 021 9592191


Edward Blade ThomasMaintenance Planner

This role ensures that the correct maintenance is identified, planned, quantified, scheduled and executed.

Contact: 021 959 2893


Alphonso Philander: Project Manager

This role includes project planning on all levels which includes scope determination, documentation and specifications. Project procurement which includes vendors and consultants and managing all the schedules on projects including tracking progress against timeframes and monitoring quality of materials and workmanship form start to finish. Contact: 021 9593952


Jade Leon: Manager Gardens and Grounds

Our mission is to provide an excellent horticultural service with the aim of creating and maintaining a green’ enjoyable campus for all users. We are responsible for the maintenance of all resources encompassing grounds, gardens, pathways and sport fields.

Tel: 021 959 254


Franklin Shepperson: Manager. Life Sciences Building. Facilities

This role is responsible for planning and supervision of maintenance, security, janitorial and services within the Life Sciences Building. Support to laboratory managers in operation of their laboratories in the storage, handling and disposal of bio-hazardous waste, safety health and environmental and quality compliance. Budgetary planning and control regarding services

Contact: 0219593042; Cell: 0837034985; Security Helpdesk: 0219599719


Geoffrey Busch: Engineering Services

This department provides a design and fabrication service in support of UWC faculties for research and teaching purposes. They are also responsible for maintenance of general metalwork eg. fencing and lecture venue seating. ​

Contact: 021 959 2249/ 959 9521


Desleen Saffier: Contracts Manager

This office is responsible for all hygiene, pest control and waste management. The Environmental sustainability programme and “greening” initiatives are also facilitated in this area.

Contact: 021 959 9266


Adiel Albertus: Infrastructure Quality Control IQC

This role lends support across campus to the projects development team. The role plays a strategic part in costing, timing and quality control mechanisms to ensure a deliverable that is of a high quality to the university.

Contact: 021 9599269