University Of Johannesburg Graphic Design

University Of Johannesburg Graphic Design, a graphic designer’s key function is to conceptualize ideas through the integration of text, typography and illustrations in the production of printed and marketing material.
The graphic designer is supplied with “raw” information by the client, which is utilized to create, design and transform into a visually pleasing, printable end product that satisfies the client as well as communicate the intended message.

  • Advertisements
  • Academic/research posters
  • Book and file covers
  • Brochures, flyers and booklets
  • CD covers, booklets/inlays and clichés
  • Journals (eg. Communicare; JTSCM; JEF; Education as Change; Diskoers; SAALT; etc.) Magazines (eg. UJ Advance Magazine and STH Magazine)
  • Books/publications (“coffee table” publications)
  • Annual and Research Reports (UJ; Social Work (CSDA); Transport & Supply Chain Management) Marketing and exhibition material (Banners, flags, umbrellas, gazebo’s)
  • Newsletters (eg. Edu-brief; Management Update; Cognoscenti; SAARDHE; CenTAL Newsclips; FADA Research News; Language Unit; Faculty of Science; etc.)
  • Photo / digital/hand illustrations
  • Illustrations and photo plates for research and academic publications
  • Corporate identity (eg. Logo design; business cards; letterheads; fax sheets; memos; etc.)
  • UJ brand products and promotional material
  • UJ vehicle branding and signage (information design)
  • Web design: Look and feel, banners and buttons.
  • Clothing design (eg. Graduation Gowns; Protection Services Uniforms; t-shirts; etc.)

Contact the Graphic Designers directly at the following numbers:
011 559 3585 / 4398 / 3573 / 2805, or personally at the Graphic Studio, Ground Floor, Room B5-150, B5 Building, APK.

Schedule a consultation session OR just walk in (it will include):

  • discussion of the design project;
  • discussion and mutual decision on a reasonable delivery date;
  • completing a Graphic Studio Requisition with all relevant information, including the cost centre and client╒s signature;
  • the client should bring/supply the following information/material:
  • an electronic version of language edited text information
  • high resolution photographs (300dpi / ±200 x 150mm)
  • a paper printout of the information
  • for changes to existing artwork created by the graphic designers – please bring a printed example of the original document

The project will be completed on the pre-determined delivery date(a reasonable and achievable delivery date is determined by the client and the graphic designer)
The design project will be presented to the client for approval and proof reading before the delivery date.
Press ready artwork will be provided to the client to send to print.
Examples of printed projects is much appreciated for future reference and for the Graphic Studio Portfolio – please drop an example (addressed to the Graphic Studio, APK) in the Internal Mail.
Fees payable for graphic design

  • UJ cost centre provided – only material costs.
  • Private clients pay per UJ invoice (COD) – material costs plus a hourly rate determined by the University of Johannesburg plus VAT.
  • UJ students (study related projects) – material costs plus half the hourly rate determined by the University of Johannesburg plus VAT.

Design requests will NOT be accepted via email without prior contact with the Graphic Designers.