DUT – Dut Art Gallery Durban

DUT – Dut Art Gallery Durban, the Durban University of Technology Gallery is located in Durban, on the Steve Biko Campus in the Cecil Renaud Theatre above the Library. It is a space dedicated to the displaying of all visual arts. It serves as a support department for the Art and Design Departments in the Faculty of Arts. The gallery’s main objective is to educate, research and serve the art community using visual art as its primary tool.

Permanent Collection

The DUT Gallery is the University’s cultural base that is dedicated to collecting, documenting and conserving art. Since 1982 the gallery has collected current and historical art that includes ancient and modern artefacts. The university’s collection includes anonymous carvings, clay pots, beadwork, wooden and bronze sculptures, contemporary paintings, mixed media and art installations.

The collection has become a historical reference that encompasses cultural diversity whilst encouraging continuity in research, teaching and promotion of the visual arts within the student body and society at large. The collection continues to grow through donations and purchases that have relevance to current commentary.


The gallery is also dedicated to serving and promoting practicing artists though the mounting of exhibitions. It promotes visual art through various activities that include exhibitions, seminars and networking. Exhibitions rotate regularly; these exhibitions vary from established artists, students, and community projects. An exhibitions programme is formulated annually, encompassing traveling, curated and sourced shows. Artists are invited to exhibit and proposals are evaluated in accordance with the gallery’s core aims and values.

Gallery Hours:

8h00-16h00 Mon – Thurs
8h00-15h30 Fri