UWC Clinic

UWC Clinic, Optimising the health and well being of UWC by offering quality, convenient and appropriate medical care and support to the Campus community and beyond.

Inspire and nurture winning collaborations of Campus Health Services to help create a healthy future for S.A. students.

Our Vision

  • Physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of students and staff, who perform optimally, thereby enhancing the overall success of UWC.
  • Leaders in Campus Health Services in S.A.

Our Values

  • We subscribe and offer the highest levels of Quality & Care.
  • We act with Professionalism & Accountability.
  • We subscribe to and practice the highest levels of Clinical & Business Ethics.
  • We understand and respect Diversity in our patients.
  • We treat patients with a Holistic Attitude, taking into account their specific backgrounds.
  • We believe in Teamwork, Collaborations and Outreach to the community.
  • We strive for Efficiency & Effectiveness.
  • We stay abreast of the latest Clinical Expertise & Research.
  • We offer relevant & affordable Healthcare for everyone.

The fees** payable are based on subsidies provided by the UWC to provide Primary health care to UWC registered Students only. You must be a current and fully registered UWC student who does not have access to private Medical Aid cover to qualify for the subsidised rates**. Students with Medical Aid cover are charged as per medical aid rates and we will bill your medical aid scheme on your behalf.  Please ensure that you have chosen our Practice as your service provider, if you have a choose a specific service provider within your medical aid scheme.


(Basic consultation & up to 3 basic meds.)                

​Doctor Consultations​Nurse Consultations
​Under grad students – Full time​R 140​R 90
​Under grad students – Part time​R 190​R 100
​Post grad students – Full time​R 200​R 130
​Post grad students – Part time​R 250​R 180
​Staff & non-UWC students​R 320​R 220

Procedure etc.

​Students​Staff / Contractors
​General basic medical examination (No tests)​R 280​R 300
​Forms (Basic Home Affairs, PDP, etc.)​R 230​R 290
​Reporting to lawyers (accident claims etc.)​R 250
​Wart Cryotherapy (procedure fee)​R 110*
​NebulisationR 70*
​Surgical removal of lumps etc. (No suture used!)​R 280*
​Suturing of minor wound (Tetanus not included)​R 380*


​Students​Staff / Contractors
​PAP smear: Under grad students​R 390​R 580
​PAP smear: Post grad students​R 470
​Pregnancy Test (urine dipsticks)​R 40*
​STD/STI Test (PRP screening)​R 20*
​Sugar/Diabetes test​R 30*
​Resting ECG​R 190*
​Lung function test​R 220*
​Meds. pick-up​Free

Vaccinations & Injections

​Students​Staff / Contractors
​Hepatitis injection (student service fee included)​R 200
​Flu vaccination​R 90
​Tetanus Toxoid injection​R 120
​Vitamin B injection​R 80

Family Planning

​Students​Staff / Contractors
​Family Planning 1st Consultation (Injection, Pill)​R 70​R 130
​Family Planning Followup Visit​Free​Free
​Visitor Family Planning visits​R 130
​Visitor Family Planning Follow up visits​R 60
​Emergency contraceptive​R 80​R 130

Please call us or visit us to find out fees for further health services or care options available to you. Our friendly staff will be glad to assist you with all your health care questions. For an appointment to consult with a Doctor or Nurse, please visit us in person, call us at 021 959 2876/5 or simply book online at: http://doctorsvisit.co.za/members/. Thank you. 
* plus consultation

** In the case that the fees and rates listed on this webpage differ from the fees and rates published in our practice rooms, only the fees and rates pusblished in our practice rooms shall be valid. All fees and rates are subject to change.

UWC Campus Health & Wellness Centre (UWC CHWC)is a medical practice that offers accessible and affordable GP (General Practitioner) Health Care Services to the UWC Campus Community and beyond.   We have modern and well staffed facilities for your health related concerns.  The services range from day to day primary health care needs to more specialised surgical procedures which are done on site.  We embrace a holistic approach to your health care needs and offer you natural health care options as well. The doctors and nurses of the Campus Health & Wellness Centre are committed to providing you with health care that is accessible and affordable. 

We focus on 5 Health Care Areas, namely

  1.          Family medicine/diagnosis and management of common medical ailments
  2.          Family planning/contraception
  3.          Health promotion and preventative medicine, incl. the management of HIV/Aids, TB, and STDs
  4.          Sport and Exercise
  5.          Dispensing of Medication

We provide a full range of primary and more specialised healthcare services that include:

General Medicine

  • Diagnosis and treatment of common medical ailments – physical and psychiatric
  • Full medicals/General check-ups​
  • Counselling, diagnosis and management of HIV
  • Management of Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Management of sport injuries
  • Performing minor surgical procedures
  • Medical Male Circumcision (MMC)
  • Special investigations such as ECGs, lung functions tests
  • Blood and other laboratory tests for various conditions
  • Immunisation against a variety of diseases
  • A dispensary stocking medication prescribed by our doctors
  • Deferred exams/academic appeals based on medical grounds
  • General medical examinations for insurance, sportspersons, job applicants, etc.
  • Referrals for special investigations or specialist consultation
  • Travel advice, including malaria prophylaxis/prevention

Reproductive Health Services

  • Family planning/Contraception
  • Pap smears/Cervical cancer screening​
  • Diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted infections/diseases (STDs)
  • Counselling on HIV prevention
  • Medical Male Circumcision (MMC) 

Medical Aesthetics Services

  • Face and body rejuvenations
  • Acne treatments
  • Scar management
  • Removal of moles/skin lesions​
  • Medical weight management

For your convenience, our health shop stocks a wide range of vitamins, supplements and personal care products.

Please call on us or visit us to find out further details and about the range of care options available to you. Our friendly staff will be glad to assist you with all your health care questions. For an appointment to consult with a Doctor or Nurse, please visit us in person, call us at 021 959 2876/5 or simply book online at: http://doctorsvisit.co.za/members/. Thank you.

Contact Campus Health & Wellness Centre

 Physical Address:

Campus Health & Wellness Centre (1st Floor Community Health Science (CHS) Building, next to ‘B Block’)

University of the Western Cape

Robert Sobukwe Road

Bellville, 7535

South Africa

Contact Details:

 Phone: +27 (0)21 959-2876 / 5

 Fax: +27 (0)21 959-2877

 Email: health(at)uwc.ac.za

 Website: www.uwc.ac.za