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UCT Print Online

UCT Print Online,
Nashua has donated a brand new HP Printer to the Vrygrond Community Lab after a request for assistance from UCT’s Department of Information Systems. We are sure the Vrygrond Community will benefit greatly from this donation and remain a proud supporter of UCT’s Community projects.”
The UCT Campus Copy & Print Service is currently serviced by Nashua Cape Town.  ICTS will manage the contract and relations between the service provider and the UCT community.  Together we strive for service excellence in all areas.
Nashua is in the process of replacing all devices on campus with brand new ones and has added some exciting and useful new features.

  • Credits can be loaded onto Access cards at cash boxes all over campus as well as via an online Electronic Web Deposit.
  • Scanning, copying and printing will be available from Nashua machines on Campus.
  • All multi-functional machines are now able to scan, at no charge, to a personal email account.
  • Follow-You Printing will allow you to print to any Nashua device on campus where the persmission of the faculty has been obtained.
  • Mobile Printing means you can print from your mobile device: iPad, tablet, cell phone or laptop.
  • Web-based Printing means you can print via a web browser from anywhere in the world and release the print when you are back on campus.
  • Document Centres offer you a comprehensive and competitive print and copy service with friendly staff to assist you.
  • Nashua offers an on-site helpdesk and management office who have committed themselves to “Best Service and Attention at all times”.

Together with ICTS, Nashua will hold regular monthly meetings with faculty representatives and a SRC member, to ensure that all solutions are kept running smoothly.

Mobile Printing/PrinterOn

Print from your mobile device using one of the following 2 options

Option 1: Print to a web portal via URL
Access the Quick Links tab and select Mobile Printing/PrinterOn.
Please note: Maximum document size is 10MB

Free Apps are available to download for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle and Nook.

Visit your App Store or the PrinterOn Website and download it.

PrinterOn Guides

  • Information you will need to configure the App

~ Account Information

Account and password: (UCT network login credentials)

Make sure that both the PrinterOn Service and Nashua accounts are set to yes.

~ Service URL


Default service set to yes.

~ Printers to be saved

A search for UCT will produce the following printers:

University of Cape Town
UCT Colour
University of Cape Town
UCT Black/White


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Helpdesk Contact Details

Nashua Helpdesk

Tel:  +27 21 650 4813/+27 21 650 4815

Email: help@uct.nashuacapetown.co.za

Hours : between 08:00 and 16:30 on Business Days