UWC Sports

UWC Sports, UWC Sport builds and profiles the image of the University through the support of both competitive and campus recreation sport as a contributor to the holistic development of the students and staff of the University.

An Interview with UWC Sports Director, Mandla Gagayi 

Studied BA undergrad and then human resources at University of Port Elizabeth in 1998 until 2001. From there I worked at Rhodes as a sport administrator from 2002 – 2005 then I left to work for the Government at the Department of Sport from 2006-2008 and then I was invited back to Rhodes in 2009 as the deputy head of sport until 2011 I got promoted to head of sport until 2014 then March 2015 I joined UWC as director of sport.​

Our core functional areas include the:

i. Management of an effective governance system;

ii. Development and attraction of applicable talent and development of leadership and human resource

capabilities to deliver operational effectiveness;

iii. Administration and support of both recreation and competitive sport development;

iv. Provision of support services;

v. Support to deliver the achievement of top class sport facilities and management thereof; and;

vi. Promotion of the sport brand; and

vii. Collaboration with other departments, institutions, provincial and national sport organisations in the use of facilities, the training of coaches and referees and the presentation of camps and courses.


Excellence To provide quality services, resources and standards at all levels

Athlete Focus Ensure that our Athlete Support Programme support holistic development

Ethics Underpinned by the Code of Conduct of the University and ensuring fair play, respect

of the rules and participate free of drugs and illegal substances

Transparency To be open, honest and accountable in all undertakings

Respect To build a culture of team spirit, sharing and commitment

Professionalism Being proactive, creative and finding new solutions


Academic objectives contributing towards:

i. Holistic student development – out of classroom/co-curricular activities

ii. An integrated campus community – building social cohesion

iii. Supporting the University’s mission as an engaged institution

Business objectives contributing towards:

i. Meeting the attrition / academic excellence requirements

ii. Building the University’s profile

iii. Establish and maintain partnerships to facilitate a shared-resource philosophy

iv. Building Alumni Relations