UCT Staff Email

UCT Staff Email

UCT Staff Email, Staff and postdoctoral fellows use Outlook as their email and calendaring system. Desktop clients are available for Windows and for Apple Mac and Linux via ActiveSync and IMAP.
Staff members, postdoctoral fellows and those Third Parties who are entitled to an email account are given a 50GB mailbox and a 50GB archive mailbox.

Access your mailbox online

Navigate to Outlook Web App to access your mailbox online

Manage email messages using rules

Take control of your mailbox by using rules

Online training

Learn the tricks of using Outlook effectively using Lynda.com or Microsoft Imagine Academy

Guide to writing effective email messages

Make the most of the emails that you send using this helpful guide

Access a former UCT employees mailbox

See what actions are allowed to access a former employee’s mailbox

Spam and phishing

Be wary of suspicious looking emails that are sent to your mailbox

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