Unizulu Supplier Database

Unizulu Supplier Database, important information pertaining to registration as a prospective supplier at University of Zululand: This information needs to be completed by all vendors seeking registration as an approved supplier.

Incomplete documents, or forms that do not have all the compulsory documents will not be accepted

Signing of the declaration of interest form is compulsory for all potential suppliers.

Members of staff and their immediate families are not allowed to do business with the university

Suppliers must comply with all the registration criteria for registration to be finalized.

Registration to the university’s database is no guarantee of business from the university.

Suppliers will only be allowed a maximum of five areas of business activity.

If more than five is provided the only the first five will be considered


1. Submission of BEE Status Certificate (copy)

2. Company Profile (copy)

3. Proof of Company Registration (CIPC) (copy)

4. Tax Clearance Certificate (copy)

5. Original cancelled cheque or stamped original letter from the bank verifying the company’s banking details

6. Industry related accreditation certificate

7. Proof of physical address (Water, rates, light bill)

Unizulu Supplier Database form

Download Supplier Database Update Form