UCT Information Systems

UCT Information Systems

UCT Information Systems, The Department of Information Systems offers a range of qualifications and courses accommodating students from 1st year to PhD levels.  You can choose to major either in:

  • Information Systems in Commerce or
  • Informatics in Humanities or
  • Business Computing in Sciencew

Our undergraduate programme ties in with the internationally recognised IS curriculum.  Our postgraduate courses cater for both part-time and full-time students. Our postgraduate offerings in the Postgraduate Diploma, Honours, Masters and PhD areas compare excellently with courses offered by other leading universities in the global arena.
The IS Department’s mission is to be a leading African centre for research and study of information systems, producing world class graduates and research while playing a positive role in the upliftmen and empowerment of our community. This is only possible through the excellent endeavour of our academic staff, all with strong IS/IT background, in theoretical and research areas, as well as contemporary industry experience.
In all courses up to Honours level extensive practical project work is done with a variety of system development tools.  At senior levels, students interact with real clients outside the university, building valuable career skills while developing small commercial applications. Our IS undergraduate classes, are now smaller and students are receiving even more personal attention from academic staff than before. Our IS programs are preparing students to enter a high-demand area with a projected severe shortage of graduates

The Department of Information Systems encourages and is committed to the development of a Questioning culture. This means:

  • Everyone can ask and be asked questions
  • Be willing to admit I don’t know
  • Go beyond allowing questions; encourage questions
  • Help develop the skills needed to ask questions in a positive way
  • Focus on asking empowering questions and avoid disempowering questions
  • Emphasize the process of asking questions and searching for answers rather than finding the right answers
  • Accept and reward risk taking
  • Industry Involvement

As a Department we subscribe to UCT value’s which can be found at https://www.uct.ac.za/downloads/uct.ac.za/about/policies/UCT_Statement_of_Values.pdf
IS staff and students have access to a wealth of resources, including library, computer, internet and other on-line resources. We commit to using these assets and resources responsibly.

  • The Commerce Faculty’s Computer Rules & Policies:
  • Our Department’s view on Plagiarism:
Course Code Course Title View Info
INF1002F Information Systems 1 View Info
INF1003F Commercial Programming View Info
INF1102F Information Systems 1 View Info
INF2004F Information Technology in Business View Info
INF2006F Business Intelligence and Analytics View Info
INF2007F Applying Database Principles View Info
INF2009F Systems Analysis View Info
INF2010S I.T. Architecture View Info
INF2011S Systems Development B View Info
INF3003W Systems Development Project I View Info
INF3011F I.T. Project Management View Info
INF3012S BPM & Enterprise Systems View Info
INF3014F Electronic Commerce View Info
INF4000F Introduction to Business Computing View Info
INF4012W Enterprise Systems and BPM Coursework View Info
INF4015W Information Systems Management View Info
INF4016W Computer Forensics (Curriculum) View Info
INF4017H Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems Project View Info
INF4018W Business and Systems Analysis (BASA) View Info
INF4024W Honours Research Project View Info
INF4025S IS Management View Info
INF4026F Application and Technical Development View Info
INF4027W Systems Development Project II View Info
INF5004W Master of Commerce in Information Systems View Info
INF5005W Master of Commerce in Information Systems Dissertation View Info
INF6000W Doctorate in Information Systems View Info

Contact Us

The Department of Information Systems:
Offices: 3rd Floor, Leslie Commerce Building, Engineering Mall, Upper Campus.Telephone: 021 – 650 2261
If you require information regarding admissions and requests for application forms, please use the main UCT website at www.uct.ac.za and follow the links for applying for studying at the University.
All General Enquiries:
E-mail Linda Magodla, Secretary, Information Systems at Linda.Magodla@uct.ac.za
Contact the Head of Department:
Email: Prof. Irwin Brown, Head of Department, Information Systems at Irwin.brown@uct.ac.za