UWC Yearbook

UWC Yearbook, the yearbooks in the University is provided below. Please click th elink to access the information.

Student Development and Support adopts a holistic approach to student development in order to proactively optimise the learning and teaching environment and quality of student life. Our focus is to engage students’ potential in order to assist them in achieving their personal and academic goals, and to develop responsible and responsive citizens for the future.​

Students have to complete the UWC Financial Aid Application Form to be considered for this award. To qualify for this award, students would have to be academically deserving and financially needy. To qualify academically, students would have to obtain at least a 50% average mark in the previous examination. The student’s financial need gets determined by applying a NSFAS Means Test. This test will determine what amount the expected family contribution would be, and also determine the maximum allocation from NSFAS for the student’s study costs for that year.​

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