UWC Graduate Attributes

UWC Graduate Attributes, Graduate Attributes can be defined as qualities, attiitudes and dispositions that graduates should possess, in full or part, when they have completed their course of study. Drawing on global research and experience, and the University’s own understanding of the nature and purposes of higher education, UWC has developed a Charter of Graduate Attributes that guides the University in developing the knowledge, skills and competencies of graduates.

The Charter is designed to be adapted and made sense of in the different faculties and the wide range of degree courses that are offered. Each department and faculty is currently undergoing a process of making sense of the Graduate Attributes in terms of their own outcomes and aims, and embedding the relevant attributes meaningfully and demonstrably in the teaching, learning and assessment activities and tasks within their degree programmes, modules and courses.

The Charter, and the Attributes is advocates for, underpins and informs the Strategic Plan for Teaching and Learning at UWC. The current phase ends at the end of 2014. The Strategic Plan guides the planning, implementation, facilitation and evaluation of curriculum renewal, revitalisation and design at UWC, and the teaching, learning and assessment and evaluation of the curricula. It’s central aim is to create dynamic, contextually relevant and informed environments for quality teaching and learning, which will result in more empowered and enabled educators and administrators, and more successful and able graduates.

The Charter of Graduate Attributes and Strategic Plan can be dowloaded here in PDF form:

UWC Charter of Graduate Attributes​ and Strategic Plan for T&L​​​

The following pdf document gives a basic overview of embedding graduate attributes into module or programmes

Embedding graduate attributes​​