UWC SRC, The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the highest decision-making structure of student governance.

It represents and advocates for rights of all the students at UWC, and their overall interest and social well-being, on University committees. It is highly involved in policy-making and co-operative decision-making at UWC.

The SRC is elected annually by the student body and consists of 12 members who represent other student organisations and individual students. The duties, functions, privileges and term of office are set out in the SRC Constitution as well as the election by-laws approved by the University Council as institutional rules.

The SRC is a very important stakeholder within the UWC community, as there is no decision that can be taken without student input. The notion of co-operative governance is embraced by the institution through these processes.

SRC activities

Some of the SRC’s activities include:

Academic development

Ensuring quality education for all students and making sure that the curriculum is consistent with national education standards.

Monitoring the academic environment within UWC and protecting students against prejudice and discrimination based on race, gender or any other social, economic, and physical barriers.


Appealing on behalf of students who are academically or financially excluded, ensuring equal and fair treatment for all students.

undertaking quality assurance on all services offered by the institution to students, such as library services, residential services, and efficient transport service.


Student organisation development

Organising leadership, empowerment, and capacity-building workshops for all student societies and organisations to equip them with professional and life skills.

participating in dialogues regarding transformation within UWC on behalf of the students, and aiming towards developing a clear plan of action.​