University Of Johannesburg Humanities

University Of Johannesburg Humanities, the Faculty of Humanities comprises nineteen academic departments, ranging from modern and ancient languages to the social sciences and psychology. The Faculty offers thirteen undergraduate degree programmes, catering for a wide
range of study and career opportunities. Moreover, there is ample choice in each programme, allowing students to tailor
the contents of their programmes to suit their interests and needs. The modules in each programme contain information,
analyses and theories that are relevant, up to date and of the highest academic standard. Academic departments offer
postgraduate programmes up to doctoral level.
Intellectually, the faculty is vibrant, with a strong research output, numerous public seminars, and a healthy tradition of
debate. Students are encouraged to question and explore, and to interrogate knowledge paradigms rather than simply
accept them. A principal objective of the faculty is to produce graduates capable of advanced analytical and critical
thinking skills, independent and progressive thinking, allowing them to access and contribute towards all forms of human
knowledge, and to make dynamic interventions in their chosen professions. Humanities graduates often achieve public
prominence, and contribute towards social change aimed at increasing the social good.
A premier Faculty of Humanities, committed to excellence in scholarship and tuition, and to the ideals of human dignity, freedom of expression and the pursuit of knowledge, in order to advance our understanding and to increase the social good.
We are committed to:
High quality programmes;
Innovative and committed teaching;
Illustrious research outputs;
Public, intellectual activities;
An intellectually stimulating and culturally diverse environment
Academic distinction;
Integrity and respect for diversity and human dignity;
Academic freedom and accountability;
Individuality and collective effort
Creation and dissemination of new knowledge​​​​
Faculty Strategic Plan 2020
Click here for the Faculty of Humanities’ Strategic Plan 2020

Faculty of Humanities​​ Staff

Name Telephone Number Office Number Role Campus
Prof A B Broadbent 011 559 2727 B Ring 516 Dean APK
Prof Dumisani Moyo ​011 559 2753 ​B Ring 518 Vice Dean/ Associate Professor APK
Prof Kammila Naidoo 011 559 2883 B Ring 517 Vice Dean APK
Mr Deon Botman 011 559 4301 C-Ring 226 Senior Faculty Officer: Undergraduate APK
Ms Adeshnee Reddy​ 011 559 2660 C-ring 228 Senior Faculty Officer: Postgraduate: Honours and Examinations APK
Ms Neo Mangole 011 559 2756 C-Ring 244 Senior Faculty Officer: Undergraduate APK
Ms Nosi Seranyane​ 011 559 2051 C-Ring 230 Senior Faculty Officer: Postgraduate Masters and PhD APK
Mrs Lorna Singh 011 559 2955 B-Ring 520A Executive Secretary APK
Mr Makgaba Manabile 011 559 3232 C-Ring 240 Faculty Officer APK
Mr Khetha Gumede 011 559 2416 C-Ring 234 Faculty Officer APK
Mr Edward Legoale 011 559 2576 C-Ring 232 Faculty Officer: Undergraduates APK
Mrs Ester van Wyk 011 559 2701 B-Ring 515A Course Coordinator: Extended Degrees APK
Ms Laurinda van den Berg 011 559 4625 C-Ring 238 Faculty Officer: Undergraduate APK
Ms Amanda Mbozana 011 559 3644 C-Ring 242 Faculty Officer APK
Mr Leonardo Snyman 011 559 2791 B Ring 521 Marketing Coordinator and Community Engagement Officer APK
Ms Tebogo Motaung​ 011 559 5515 C-Ring 225 Faculty Officer APK