2022 University of Stellenbosch Online Application Form


1. Certified copies of the original qualification documents, as specified in the table below, must be provided. Please take note of the following regarding your documents:
1.1 Copies of your original academic documents, which must be stamped and signed by the awarding school or institution, notary public, or a Commissioner of Oaths (e.g. attorney or diplomatic official) must be provided. If you go to the police station or the Post Office, a Commissioner of Oaths must certify your documents. No police or post office stamps will be accepted.
1.2 No online results obtained from self-serving portals or password protected documents will be accepted.
1.3 Electronic copies provided should be clear and legible (not blurred, cropped or obscured). Only pdf and jpeg format will be accepted.
2. Stellenbosch University reserves the right to request original and additional supporting documentation should this be deemed necessary at any point.
3. Your signed contract, your application documents (e.g. your grade 11 results) as well as proof of payment (if applicable) should be uploaded online at your Application Status before the closing date. If you apply with a hard copy application, you should include all the required documents with your application.
4. If we do not receive all your documents by the closing date, your application will unfortunately not be considered.
5. It remains your responsibility to make sure that the University receives these documents in time. You can monitor your Application Status to ensure that your application is complete. Use your username (student number) and official SUN-password to sign in.

Online Application

To the prospective Freemover Applicant. Please carefully study the list of supporting documents needed for your application. Please follow the ‘how to apply’ link for a list of supporting documents which should be ready by the time that you log your application online by the deadline.

To the prospective Freemover Applicant. Please carefully study the list of supporting documents needed for your application. The application form should be completed in full. You will not be able to save the application form and return to it at a later point of time. You will need about 45 minutes to complete the form.

Required Documents to be uploaded with Online Application:

  • Official academic transcript in English
  • Proposed learning agreement. (This document should correspond with the courses on the online application.)
  • Copy of the Identification page in Passport
  • Declaration by home university.
  • Contract by applicant. Proof of English level for academic purposes

Required Documents to be provided after the receipt of the Letter of Admission:

  • Proof of recognised South African Medical Insurance (*this will be required as soon as possible after a letter of admission has been issued and can be submitted directly via email to studyabroad@sun.ac.za)

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