2021 Mangosuthu University of Technology MUT Online Application Form

All first year applications are submitted through the Central Applications Office (CAO). This is a simplified way of applying for more than one programme, using one application form, and paying a single application fee. Use your unique CAO number as a reference when paying the application fee. We advise prospective students to choose MUT as a first choice.
Application forms can be downloaded from the CAO website, www.cao.ac.za. You may also apply online by going to www.cao.ac.za, click on the apply tab, then click on apply now, and follow the easy application process. The CAO number appears in tear-off slip on the CAO application form.
Checking the progress of your application
You can track the progress of your application by going to www.cao.ac.za and enter your CAO number, or sending an email to enqgeneralcao@cao.ac.za or call 031 268 4444.
Important closing dates:
Faculty of Engineering – first semester applications – 30 September
Faculty of Engineering – second semester applications – 31 May
Faculty of Natural Sciences – 30 September
Analytical Chemistry – second semester applications – 31 May
Faculty of Management Sciences – 30 September
Applications submitted after 30 September accumulate a late application fee determined by the CAO.

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